Whirling of Shaft Apparatus

The apparatus consists of a base upon which bearing holders and drive motor can be mounted. Different bearings can be fitted in bearing block to have different end conditions, such as, both end fixed, one end fixed, one end etc. free. A variable speed motor along with speed controller is provided to drive the shaft. The unit is useful to demonstrate the phenomenon of Whirling of Shaft with single rotor. As this test is destructive, after the test shaft can not be used again, hence this unit only demonstrates the principle.


  • Test Shaft - 4mm, 6 mm & 8mm dia. 0.8 m long approx.
  • Bearings to provide following end conditions -
    1. Both end Fixed.
    2. One end fixed and one end free.
  • Drive Motor - 1/6 HP, 5,000 RPM.
  • Speed Control Unit.

Service Required :

  • Floor Space - 2m X 1m at working height.
  • 230 V.A.C., 5Amp. stabilized power supply.
  • Tachometer.


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