‘THE WATER COOLER’ Test Rig enables students to study and understand Vapour Compression Cycle, its components, principle and working. All the components are mounted on rigid steel frame. The trainer consists of a hermetically sealed compressor, forced convection air-cooled condenser, filter / drier, flow meter, expansion device and coil wound type evaporator. Separate pressure gauges are provided to record suction and discharge pressures and digital temperature indicators for various temperatures.
The refrigerant used is R-134 which is environment friendly.

Technical Specifications:

REFRIGERATION SYSTEM Capacity 40 Liters water storage
Compressor Hermetically sealed
Condenser Forced convection air cooled.
Condenser fan Axial flow type
Evaporator Direct expansion type
Expansion device Capillary Tube
Accumulator Copper / M.S. shell suction line accumulator provided.
Insulation Polyurethane Foam (PUF)
Refrigerant R-134 a.
CONTROLS & INDICATIONS Refrigerant Flow Rotameter
Temperature Digital Indicator for refrigerant and water; thermostat
Pressure Pressure gauges 2 Nos. provided
ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Supply 230 Volts, 50 Hz, 1 phase.
Input power 500 Watts.
Rated current 2.8 Amps.
Energy-meters Provided for compressor
CONSTRUCTION Water Tank Stainless Steel
Outer body Stainless steel / or powder coated.

Specifications subject to change without any notification.

List Of Experiments:

  1. To evaluate the cooling capacity of water cooler.
  2. To evaluate actual and theoretical C.O.P. of Vapour Compression Cycle.
  3. To plot the actual Refrigeration Cycle on P-H and T-S charts.
  4. To study various components and controls used in Vapour Compression Cycle.

Rating conditions * : Ambient temperature= 35o C, atmospheric pressure = 1.01 bar, suction pressure=35 psig, discharge pressure= 180 psig, evaporation temperature=7.7o C, discharge temperature=55o C


Water Cooler Test Rig