1. The test rig consists of a GI pipe line fitted with a set of gunmetal venturimeter and orificemeter of size 25mm(1"), and of d/D Ratio = 0.6. The flow meters are provided with pressure tappings with quick change over cocks. A differential manometer (without mercury) is provided to measure the pressure difference across the venturimeter/orificemeter to be tested. The pressure tappings are connected to a common manifold which in turn is connected to the manometer. A strong iron stand is provided for supporting the pipe lines. A stop watch and an M.S. collecting tank of size 90 liters. with a gauge glass scale fitting, a drain valve and a bend are provided to measure the actual flow rate.
  2. A 220 volt AC, 0.5 HP, single phase monoblock ISI pumpset with suitable pipe fittings, strainer foot valve, and switch is provided to supply water to the test rig.
  3. A sump tank of size 200 liters with suitable drain is provided to store the water. A strong iron stand fitted with wheels supports the complete test rig. The unit is moveable. All tanks are provided with FRP lining for total rust protection.


apparatus for calibration of venturimeter and orificemeter consisting of a GI pipe line fitted with a set of gunmetal venturimeter and orificemeter, manometer - Jagajeet marketing and