Unsteady State Heat Transfer Apparatus

The apparatus consists of a small test sphere. This sphere is heated by a hot bath, till the steady state is reached and then it is coolled in air or water / oil. During both, heating and cooling of sphere, temperature of sphere is a function of time and hence, it is a unsteady state of heat transfer process. The temperature of sphere is measured by thermocouple. The hot bath is provided to heat sphere with temperature controller to facilitate to conduct experiment at different temperatures.


  • Test piece with thermocouples - 2 No.s of different materials.
  • Hot bath with heater and controller.
  • Cold bath.
  • Digital Temperature Indicator.

Service Required :

  • Floor Space - 1.5 m X 1.5 m.
  • 15 Amp., 230 V.A.C. power supply.


Unsteady State Heat Transfer Apparatus consisting of thermocouples and Digital Temperature Indicator - Jagajeet marketing and jemstestrigs.com