Thermal Conductivity of Liquid Apparatus

Thermal conductivity of solids, liquids and gases is one of the important property and its evaluation is of prime importance to engineers in different fields. The apparatus is designed according to Guarded Hot Plate method and useful to find out Thermal Conductivity of some commonly used liquids over a range from300C to 800 C. Guarded Hot Plate Assembly consists of a Hot Plate with electrical heater sandwiched between two aluminum plates. A Ring guard Heater and Top guard heater is used to prevent heat loss from hot plate. A cooling plate on opposite side of liquid removes heat from liquid. The whole assembly is placed in an enclosure to prevent heat losses. A control panel is provided to control and measure heat input and temperature.


  • Guarded Hot plate assembly comprising of Main heater, Ring Guard heater and Top Guard heater & cooling plates with valves.
  • Enclosure to house Guarded Hot Plate assbly.
  • Thermocouples.

Instrumentation & Controls :

  • Digital Voltmeter - 0 - 199.9 Volts.
  • Digital Ammeter - 0 - 1.999 Amp.
  • Multy channel Digital Temperature Indicator.
  • Dimmer stat - 0 - 2 Amp.- 3 No.

Service Required :

  • 230 V.A.C. stabilized supply with earthing.
  • Floor space - 1.5m X 1m at working height.
  • Water supply at rate of 10 LPM at constant head.


thermal conductivity of liquid apparatus setup consisting of guarded hot plate, ring guard heater, top guard heater, cooling plates with valves - Jagajeet Marketing - JEMS Test Rigs