Shock Absorber Test Rig (Educational Demonstrational Equipment)

  1. Min frame structure made of M.S.Channel and plates.
  2. Floating platform plate provided with four guide bushes in four hard chrome plated guide bars.
  3. Intermediate platform with damper and load cell clamping arrangement.
  4. Two set of test springs having different stiffness valves(4 each).
  5. Four different types of shock absorbers with end fitting adapters.
  6. D.C.variable speed motor with double shaft extensions with two identical eccentrics fitted for uniform vibrations.
  7. Control panel consisting of –
    Digital load indicator with two load cells (500 Kg capacity each) Connected on series.
    Digital RPM Indicator with proximity switch(Range 0-3000 rpm) Motor speed variator /regulator 0-3000 rpm step less variation


  1. Determination of transmissibility with respect to different damper characteristics. Plotting graph of Force Transmissibility v/s Frequency Ratio