Parallel Flow / Counter Flow Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchangers are devices in which heat is transferred from one fluid to another. This apparatus is a tube in tube type concentric tube heat exchanger. Hot fluid flows through inner tube and clod fluid flows through outer tube. The direction of clod fluid flow can be changed from parallel flow to counter flow with the help of valves. Thermometer pockets with thermometers are provided to measure temperatures of incoming and outgoing cold and hot fluid.
An electrical geyser of sufficient capacity is provided to obtain hot water. Flow rates of cold and hot water can be controlled by means of valves and measured by measuring flask. Main test section is insulated to minimise heat losses.


  • Length of heat exchanger - 1.5 m.
  • Outer Tube- G.I. O.D. 38 mm I.D. 27.5 mm.
  • Inner Tube - Copper, O.D. 12.5 mm.
  • Thermometers -
    	0 to 50 0C - 2 No.
            0 to 100 0C- 2 No.
  • Geyser - 3 Kw capacity.
  • Measuring Flask & Stop Clock.

Experimentation :

  1. Determination of overall heat transfer co-efficient for a tube in tube type heat exchanger.
  2. To calculate -
    1. Rate of heat transfer.
    2. L.M.D.T.
    3. Theoretical overall heat transfer co-efficient.

Service Required :

  • 230 V.A.C. stabilized supply with earthing.
  • Floor space - 3.5 m X 1 m at working height.
  • Water supply about 10-15 l.p.m. at constant head.
  • Adequate drainage system.


Parallel Flow / Counter Flow Heat Exchanger consisting of Thermometers, Geyser, Measuring Flask and Stop Clock - Jagajeet marketing and