1. Test rig consists of a Kaplan turbine designed for laboratory experimental purposes and to conduct test in metric units. The specifications of the turbine are as follows:
    Normal Speed - 2200 RPM.
    Capacity - 1.0 KW
    The unit consists of a cast iron casing, a rotor assembly of shaft, an axial flow gunmetal runner and a brake drum all mounted on a suitable sturdy base. The runner has vanes of aerofoil section. Fixed guide vanes are provided in the turbine to regulate the flow into the runner. A conical draught tube is connected to the turbine outlet by a bend. For observing the flow at the runner exit a transparent window made of thick perspex tube is provided in between the turbine casing and the draft bend. A rope brake arrangement with a set of dead weights and spring balance is provided for loading the turbine. Pressure gauge and vacuum gauge are fixed at the inlet and outlet to measure the net supply head to the turbine.
  2. Water to the turbine is provided by a centrifugal pump set of 5HP capacity. The pump operates on 440Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hz line.
  3. Other standard accessories include a DOL starter, switch, flow control valve, suitable piping.
  4. Flow measuring unit consists of a venturimeter with pressure taps connected to two pressure gauges mounted on a panel board.
  5. The complete test rig is mounted on a storage tank of suitable capacity. The tank is provided with FRP lining for total rust protection


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