Journal Bearing Apparatus

The apparatus consists of a plain shaft encased in a bearing and directly driven by a small motor. The bearing is freely supported on the shaft and sealed at motor end. The motor speed is precisely controlled by control unit. The bearing contains twelve equispaced pressure tappings around circumference and four along the axis. All tappings are connected by light flexible plastic tubes to the manometer so that the pressure head of all sixteen points can be observed at a time. The bearing can be loaded be attaching weights to the arm supported beneath it.


  • Journal   50mm dia.(Nominal)
  • Bearing   55mm dia.
  • Weights   1 Adjustable weights.
  • Motor    D.C.Motor.
  • Control Panel for speed control.
  • Manometer Board(Sixteen Tube)
  • Oil recommended - SAE 30/40.

Experiments :

  1. Observation of the pressure profile at various conditions of load and speed.
  2. Plotting the cartesian and polor pressure curves.
  3. Plotting the theoretical Sommerfield curves.

Service Required :

  • A.C,Single Phase .230 V. stabilized power supply.
  • Floor space - 1.5m X 1.5m X 4m Height.


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