Heat Transfer through Lagged Pipe

The apparatus consists of three concentric pipes, at the axis of which a cartridge heater is placed. Two types of lagging materials are filled in between pipes, one between innermost and middle pipe and other between middle and outer pipe. Digital Ammeter and Voltmeter is provided to measure the input to heater and a dimmer state is provided to vary the input. Thermocouples are provided to measure the temperatures at respective surfaces. The experiments can be conducted at various values of input and calculations can be made accordingly.


  • Pipes -
    1. Inner Pipe 50 mm dia. GI
    2. Middle Pipe 100 mm dia. GI
    3. Outer Pipe 150 mm dia. GI
      Length of pipes - 0.5 m
      Lagging - Plaster of Paris & saw dust.

Instrumentation & Controls :

  • Digital Voltmeter - 0 - 199.9 Volts.
  • Digital Ammeter - 0 - 1.999 Amp.
  • Multy channel Digital Temperature Indicator.
  • Heater Control.

Service Required :

  • 230 V.A.C. stabilized supply with earthing.
  • Floor space - 1 m X 1.5m at working height.


heat transfer through lagged pipe apparatus from Jagajeet Marketing consisting of concentric pipes and plaster of paris and saw dust as lagging materials