Dropwise & Filmwise Condensation Apparatus

The apparatus consists of a transparent glass cylinder at the top of which two condensers are fitted. Steam is admitted in cylinder from bottom. One of the condenser is with chrome plated surface for drop wise condensation and other is with natural finish to promote film wise condensation. Water is circulated through the condensers from common inlet. The transparent glass cylinder allows visulisation of condensation process. A rotometer is provided to measure the water flow rate through condenser. A small steam generator is provided to produce necessary steam. A digital temperature indicator is used to measure temperatures at various locations. Students can determine heat transfer coefficients in drop and film wise condensation process.


  • Steam Generator with 1.5 Kw heater.
  • Condenser - 2 No.s - 150 mm long, 20mm dia. Material copper, one with chrome plating.
  • Rotometer - 10 - 100 lph for cooling water.
  • Pressure Gauge - 1 No., 0 - 2.1 Kg/Cm2.
  • Multychannel Digital Temperature Indicator.
  • Flow Control Valves for water, steam & drain.

Service Required :

  • 230 V.A.C. stabilized supply with earthing.
  • Floor space - 1.5 m X 1 m at working height.
  • Water supply about 4 lpm at constant head.


Dropwise & Filmwise Condensation Apparatus consisting of transparent glass cylinder, condenser, rotometer, steam generator and digital temperature indicator - Jagajeet marketing and jemstestrigs.com