Diffused Light Research Polariscope

In the field of present engineering development, stress strain analysis by photoelastic methods plays an important role. This method provides a means for visualisation of stress patterns spread across the cross section of loaded specimen and determination of principle stress difference in the whole field. The magnitude of stress at every point can be determined in the simple way by using usual Principle Stress Separation Technique. TechnoLab PHOTOELASTIC POLARISCOPE is designed for plane as well as circular polariscope arrangements and can be used with a wide range of complicated shaped models under various loading arrangements.

This is the transmission type polariscope highly useful for two dimentional stress analysis. Major components of polariscope are-

Optical Elements-

  1. Polariser
  2. Quarter wave plate No.1
  3. Quarter wave plate No.2
  4. Analyser
Each optical element is snadwitched between two strain free acrylic sheets and mounted in metalic ring. These metalic rings are mounted in two separate housings. The quarter wave plates can be rotated to insert or remove optically to make plane or circular polariscope. Scale is fitted on analyser to read the angles and fractional fringe orders in tardy's method of compesation. Diameter of all optical elements is 300 mm approx.


Wel ventilated light box contains white light source and monochromatic light source with diffusing glass. White light is obtained from fluroscent tubes and sodium light is used to obtain monochromatic light. Small fan is provided for cooling. Light box also houses Digital Load Indicator for Load Cell.

Universal Loading Frame-

An universal Loading frame is provided along with polariscope so as model under observation can be loaded under tension, compression or bending load one at a time. Arrangement is provided for both transverse and vertical movements of frame so as to keep point of interest at the center of field. A universal load cell is provided to measure load on model. Necessary pins, links and shekels are provided along with unit. Capacity of loading frame is 200 Kg.
All above components are mounted on sturdy table. Photoelastic models of Ring, Disc & Beam will be supplied along with unit-

Service Required :

  • 230 Volts, 50Hz stabilised power supply.
  • Floor space - 3m X 2m in dust proof dark room.
  • Plate type camera for photography.


diffused light polariscope for two dimensional (2D) stress analysis consisting of polariser, quarter wave plates and analyser - Jagajeet marketing and jemstestrigs.com
diffused light polariscope, visual of ring under compression - Jagajeet marketing and jemstestrigs.com
diffused light polariscope, visual of disc under compression - Jagajeet marketing and jemstestrigs.com