Coriollis Component of Acceleration

This set up is designed to study coriollis component of Acceleration of a slider crank Mechanism. The apparatus uses hydraulic analogy to represent the rotating slider. It consists of a rotating block with two arms in opposite direction.

These tubes can be rotated at various speeds by variable speed motor. A Perspex window on top cover helps to visualize the process. Rotameter is used to measure water flow rate through tubes. Water is circulated by small mono block pump.


  • Main Tank with fibre glass lining.
  • Rotating Arms 9/6 mm dia, 300 mm long.
  • Motor - Variable Speed D.C.Motor.
  • Rotameter.
  • Mono block Pump.
  • Control Panel comprising of -
    Speed Control Unit.
    Speed Indicator.
    Necessary switches.
  • Rigid support frame.

Range of Experiment :

Coriollis Component of Acceleration can be determined at various speeds of rotation and water flow rates.

Service Required :

  • A.C,Single Phase .230 V. stabilized supply.


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