Cam Analysis Apparatus

The apparatus is designed to study the cam profile and performance of Cam and Follower system. It consists of a shaft supported in ball bearing and driven by speed D.C.Motor. Various types of Cams can be mounted on this shaft. A push rod assembly is supported vertically and various types of followers can be attached to this push rod. A dial gauge is provided to plot the follower displacement with respect to rotation of cam. Provision is also made to vary the weight or spring compression on follower assembly so that effect of follower weight or spring force on ump can be studied, with the help of stroboscope(Not included in scope of supply)


  • Cams - Eccentric, Tagent and circular type.
  • Follower - Mashroom, Roller and Knife edge.
  • Weight set.
  • Compression Spring.
  • Motor - Variable speed D.C.Motor,1/4 HP.
  • Speed Control Unit.
  • Dial Gauge
    Cams & Followers are suitabally hardened to reduce wear.

Range of Experiment

  1. Plotting and analysis of the X-q curve.
  2. Follower bounce can be observed using stroboscope.
  3. To study the effect of follower weight on bounce.
  4. To study effect of spring compression on bounce.

Service Required

  • Floor space - 0.75m X 1m at working height.
  • 230 V.A.C. stabilised power supply.
  • Tachometer.
  • Stroboscope to observe jump.

Cam Analysis Apparatus consisting of a shaft supported in ball bearing and driven by speed D.C.Motor with dial gauge and stroboscope - Jagajeet marketing and