Universal Governor Apparatus


The unit is designed to study various governors, normally used to control the speed. The unit consists of a main spindle driven by a variable speed motor mounted on a base plate. The spindle is driven by belt & pully system. The optional governor out of four governor assemblies can be mounted on a spindle. The spindle speed can be controlled by speed control unit provided. A graduated scale is provided to measure the displacement of sleeve.

The centre sleeve of portal and proell governors incorporates a weight sleeve to which weights may be added. The Hartnell governor provides means of varying spring compression level. This unables the Hartnell Governor to be operated as a stable or unstable governor.

The governor speed is increased in steps to give suitable sleeve movements possible. The speeds and displacements are recorded. The results may be plotted as curves of speed against displacements. Further tests are carried out by changing variables.


  • Drive Unit - D.C.Motor,1/4 HP, 1500RPM.
  • Speed Control Unit.
  • Belt and Pully system to give spindle speed 100 to 500 RPM.
  • Governor Mechanisms with springs and weights for following Governors -
    1. Watt Governor.
    2. Porter Governor.
    3. Hartnell Governor.
    4. Proell Governor.

Range of Experiment

  • Determination of characteristic curve of sleeve position against speed of spindle.
  • For Porter and Proell Governor Effect of varying mass of sleeve.
  • For Hartnell Governor Effect of varying spring compression.

Service Required

  • 230V.A.C.Single phase stabilised supply.
  • Handheld Tachometer.
  • Rigid Floor Space - 1.5m X 1.5m.

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