Motorised Gyroscope

Now a days gyroscope is a very important tool used for various controls in high technology vehicles. For minimising rolling, yawing and pitching of ship or air craft Gyroscope is used. Balloons use Gyroscope for controlling direction. Gyroscope has applications in space craft, space platforms. Thus study of Gyroscope is of high importance for any Engineering student.


The Motorised Gyroscope consists of a disc rotor mounted on a horizontal shaft rotating in the ball bearings of one frame. The rotor shaft is coupled to a motor mounted on a trunion frame having bearings in a yoke frame which is free to rotate vertical axis. Thus the disc can be rotated about three perpendicular axis. Angular scale and pointer fitted to frame helps to measure precession rate.


  • Demonstration of relationship between applied torque and precession rate alongwith direction of rotation.
  • Gyroscopeic couple easily varied by weights.
  • Precisely balanced rotor.
  • Useful to verify the relationship- T=lw.wp


  • Disc Rotor- 30 Cm. dla., 10mm thick approx.
  • Drive - FHP, AC/DC Single Phase Motor.
  • Dimmerstat to vary speed of motor.
  • Weight Set.

Range of Experiment

  • Observation of Gyroscopic behavior( Two Laws of Stability )
  • Experimental justification of the equation
    For calculating the Gyroscopic couple by observation and measurement of results for independent variations in applied couple T and precession wp.

Service Required

  • 230Volts, A.C.stabilised supply.
  • Tachometer.
  • 1m X 1m space at working height.

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